Webbing clew

This type of detailed finishing has been used for a J3 on a Nelson/Marek 58. Instead of using a standard round ring we have chosen to use Dyneema spectra webbing protected by PVC. This spider of webbings has been finished on a heavy customized sewing machine. 

One Design finition 

This top full batten slide has been put on a mainsail of an FT 10. Many options are possible for putting your slides on mainsails. Most of the time, our slides are hand-sewn in an eyelet on the sail. These are sewn with polyester webbing. Sometimes for basic cruising sails we can use plastic xxxxxxx. 

Spinnaker clew 

The construction of spinnaker patches is critical for the shape of the sail. On racing spinnakers we have chosen to use the "quilted corner style" as standard. Our corners are re-enforced with many layers of Dacron. Before that we would have sewn the Nylon radial patch according to the customer design.

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