Jessie Zhao 

loft and engineering manager 

  • 15 years of experience in the sail-making market

  • located in China 

  • In charge of the production and the engineering

Jessie worked for 13 years as head engineering manager for a worldwide manufacturer of outsourced sails before launching her own loft. She is an expert in all the construction techniques used in the creation of modern and classic sails as well as One Design sails. Jessie is managing the link between sailmakers projects and the production floor. She is also deeply involved in the commercial operations as she has had dealings for many years with a lot of sailmakers worlwide. 

"Our approach to the market is quite different from our competitors. Quality is the first priority which is why we are using only premium sailcloth. The second point is that we are independent and and we do not depend of an external group of sailmakers which could one day compete against our clients".